CST's Electromagnetic Simulation Now Available on PaaS Cloud HPC
Phillip Keane posted on April 25, 2017 |

Cloud-based simulation giant Rescale has recently announced a partnership with CST (Computer Simulation Technology), which will enable users of Rescale’s ScaleX platform to perform electromagnetic simulations.

CST is part of SIMULIA, which is owned by Dassault Systemes. Users who conduct their EM field simulations on CST Studio Suite will now have access to that delicious HPC goodness via the Rescale ScaleX platform, allowing them to reduce both simulation time and time to market (or publication) for any new products they may be developing or researching.
Figure 1 - Geometry and field line simulation of a transformer terminal lead (Image credit Dassault Systemes)
Figure 1 - Geometry and field line simulation of a transformer terminal lead (Image credit Dassault Systemes)

“We are very excited to be partnering with CST, as a new part of the SIMULIA brand of Dassault Systèmes,” said Joris Poort, CEO at Rescale, “We believe that CST STUDIO SUITE users will benefit from the fast, flexible, secure, and huge on-demand resources that Rescale can bring to computationally-demanding tools, such as electromagnetic simulation.”

CST Studio Suite consists at a number of modules ranging from CST Microwave Studio (for all your high frequency needs), CST Particle Studio (for free moving charged particles) to the thermal and mechanical focused CST MPhysics Studio. Its native Windows-based GUI will integrate smoothly with the user-friendly ScaleX Pro GUI, enabling users to carry on using their favorite EM software with no need to climb a steep learning curve. Additionally, the MPhysics module features 3D parametric modelling capabilities, and can read a variety of CAD files, including STEP, Solidworks, Catia, and Siemens NX. This means that users can create virtual models in one portion of CST Studio Suite, then export them to a more EM-specific part of the studio, ensuring compatibility across domains without the need for converting files. Handy!

CST Studio Suite is used extensively by power engineers, antenna designers, and EM sensor designers, all of whom will be pleased with the new ScaleX Pro compatibility, as they can spend more time designing and less time waiting for simulation results.

And it’s not just engineers and scientists who will be pleased with the new partnership - IT departments and company bean-counters will be relieved at the extra lifetime afforded to their current data center hardware. At the moment, many processor-intensive industries run their hardware on-site, and that hardware can quickly become obsolete. Now that the computational hardware is offsite at over sixty different locations, with the number crunching occurring in the cloud, the on-site data centers for these companies has no need to worry about obsolescence - it’s  Rescale’s problem! And given their reputation as world leader for HPC simulation, it’s a problem they’re likely to remain on top of. RESCALE isn’t just a clever name - scalability is very much a core part of the company ethos.

 “CST STUDIO SUITE provides comprehensive, advanced solving engines based on various numerical methods for world-class electromagnetic simulation,” said Dr. Martin Timm, Director Global Marketing at CST, “These engines run optimally on various types of hardware, and we believe that making them available on Rescale’s ScaleX platform will allow our customers access to the best possible performance across the whole suite of tools.”

So, if you have access to a CST Studio Suite licence, you may wish to check out ScaleX Pro. And if you fancy a try-before-you-buy, then you can try the ScaleX Pro platform for free, for 4 weeks, by clicking on this link.

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