Moldex3D Streamlines Simulation Workflow for Injection Molding
Erin Winick posted on March 21, 2017 |
Automatic hexahedral meshing speeds up pre-processing.

CoreTech System (Moldex3D) has released a new version of its plastic injection molding simulation software, Moldex3D. The newest edition of this program, Moldex3D R15.0, is offering new and improved features to streamline injection molding simulation workflow and allows for faster product development turnaround times.

The largest change to the Moldex3D software released in Moldex3D R15.0 allows for the reduction of the preprocessing time and effort required by the user. This time decrease is enabled by new runner meshing technology. This allows the automatic creation of high-resolution hexahedral meshes and offers different node types for line runner connections. These capture the intended shape of the runner design to enable the creation of accurate predictions. The extended nonmatching mesh technology also supports the automatic meshing of mold components to be nonmatched, to obtain accurate simulation results with minimal effort from the user.

“Moldex3D is devoted to improving its software’s functionality and simulation accuracy in each release,” said David Hsu, president of product development at Moldex3D. “With the new features and enhancements in Moldex3D R15.0, we aim to provide a high-performing CAE analysis with greater accuracy and efficiency to help users design and manufacture high-quality plastic parts with faster turnaround times, which truly gives them an ability to keep an edge over competition and achieve excellent results.”

Moldex3D Studio screenshot. (Image courtesy of Moldex3D.)
Moldex3D Studio screenshot. (Image courtesy of Moldex3D.)

Additional accuracy is provided by fully coupled process simulation in Moldex3D R15.0. This coupling technology simultaneously uses flow/pack/cool/warp solvers to obtain accurate simulations of products of complex geometric designs or advanced manufacturing process like rapid heat cycle molding.

Along with this release comes Moldex3D Studio, an integrated platform focused on streamlining simulation workflow from preprocessing to postprocessing. The new platform uses a ribbon-style interface to enable users to display and compare simulation results of various designs, at the same time shortening product development time.

Simulation software such as Moldex3D R15.0 produces large amounts of data that can be difficult to manage. That is why the new Intelligent Simulation Lifecycle Management (iSLM) solution was also released with these new software additions. iSLM is designed to manage large volumes of simulation data, giving teams at different geographic locations within an organization one single point of entry to use simulation data.

Moldex3D R15.0 is available for purchase now. To see a demonstration of some of these new features included in Moldex3D R15.0, check out Moldex3D’s video.

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