MathWorks Adds Tools Flow Powertrain Modeling
Shawn Wasserman posted on November 21, 2016 |

Automotive and control engineers will be happy to know that MathWorks has just created a

Powertrain Blockset library includes engine model and over 40 other blocks. (Image courtesy of MathWorks.)

Powertrain Blockset library includes engine model and over 40 other blocks. (Image courtesy of MathWorks.)

Powertrain Blockset for 1D simulation and model-based design (MBD).

The new blockset gives these engineers access to over 40 assembled reference application blocks to simulate diesel, electrical, gasoline and hybrid powertrains.

These reusable standard models can then be customized to the engineer’s designs using parameters or replacing subsystems with the data they have collected from physical models.

In other words, engineers performing system simulations of their automotive designs will be able to use their component library to source models and simulate:

  • Battery packs
  • Controllers
  • Subsystems
  • Transmission assemblies
  • Traction motors

Engineers will then be able to use the model to test their designs virtually using a dynamometer model. These tests can be used to size components, setup control parameters, test hardware in the loop and find tradeoffs and optimizations early in the development cycle.

“Automotive teams that are deploying MBD often look for a starting point for building system models and applying these models to design and testing,” said WensiJin, automotive industry manager at MathWorks.“Developing a system model from the ground up requires significant effort and engineers with specialized skills. With the Powertrain Blockset, these engineers can take advantage of a maintained, well-documented and open set of models that can be customized to their needs.”

MBD and 1D system simulations, like those offered by MathWorks, are a great way for engineers to eliminate many design options in a short amount of time. These simulations compute exceptionally fast, allowing for quick exploration of the design space. Given that automotive design cycles are shrinking at an alarming rate, engineers must rely on tools like MBD and 1D system simulations to get them on the path towards an optimum design.

To learn more about MathWorks, read “MathWorks: Product Digitization Is a Boost for Smart Algorithms and Simulation.”

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