New CorelCAD 2017 Release Aims to Simplify Workflows
Kyle Maxey posted on October 20, 2016 |
Corel announces the release of CorelCAD 2017 and with it many new features.
A look at CorelCAD 2017's updated 2D drafting tools. (Image courtesy of Corel.)

A look at CorelCAD 2017's updated 2D drafting tools. (Image courtesy of Corel.)

Corel has announced the release of CorelCAD 2017, the company's inexpensive technical drawing tool.

In this latest release, Corel's engineers have turned much of their focus to improving crucial commands that will speed up workflows.

First up, CorelCAD 2017 now gives users the ability to pattern shapes like lines, polylines, arcs, circles, ellipses and splines along a path. With this tool, repeated geometries can be created quickly.

Trimming options have also been expanded in CorelCAD 2017. Users now have the option to use either the “Trim” or “PowerTrim” tool to modify hatches, and single-color or multicolor gradient fills. Another useful addition to 2017 comes in the guise of an improved workflow when working between a model workspace and a layout sheet. In CorelCAD 2017, the “ChangeSpace” command has been improved so that it is much easier to import geometry from a model space and place it into a layout sheet.

Dimensioning techniques have also been enhanced in Corel's new release as users can now construct centerlines between pairs of lines, arcs and polyline segments. Split dimensions have also been added that make it possible to detail measurements in a drawing with greater precision.

Rounding out CorelCAD 2017's drawing enhancements, the software now features a method for editing BlockAttribute values. With the “EditXBlockAttribute” tool, you can simply highlight any block within a drawing and change its properties to meet a drawing's needs.

Though there are many more enhancements to Corel's updated CAD program, another critical feature is the software's advanced DWG file support. Now, with CorelCAD 2017, users can be certain that when they convert proprietary drafting files to or from DWG files that all the elements in the drawing will be supported, so no graphical anomalies will be added to a drawing.

“CorelCAD 2017 offers the sophisticated 2D and 3D capabilities designers need, together with powerful new drawing innovations that make it easier to quickly create exceptional results. And with the recent introduction of CorelCAD Mobile, customers now have access to a complete CAD solution to be productive anywhere,” said Klaus Vossen, senior project manager at Corel.

CorelCAD 2017 is available now for both Windows and MacOS users. The entire package is available for $699.

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