Pros and Cons of 5 CFD Software Categories
Shawn Wasserman posted on October 19, 2016 |
Infographic: What to consider before choosing CFD software.
One of the most difficult tasks an engineer must complete is choosing the right tool for the job. This is just as true for engineers purchasing nuts and bolts as it is for those picking out computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software.

There is a vast number of CFD options for the engineering community, but not everyone needs or can afford the metaphorical Ferrari. On one hand, if an open-source or simulation-in-CAD solution meets all of your needs, then you won't want to spend more money than necessary. On the other, if you need to perform high-end simulations, then you'll need CFD software with serious horsepower.

To help engineers narrow down their CFD options, this infographic outlines the pros and cons of the five categories: open-source, open-source wrapper, CAD-integrated, specialized CFD and complete CFD.

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