Elysium and DotProduct Announce New End-to-End 3D Scanning Workflow
Kyle Maxey posted on October 13, 2016 |
Elysium and DotProduct announce a new app to close the 3D scan-to-CAD workflow loophole.
An illustration of the InfiPoints DP workflow. (Image Courtesy of DotProduct LLC)
An illustration of the InfiPoints DP workflow. (Image Courtesy of DotProduct LLC)

Elysium and DotProduct LLC have announced the release of InfiPoints DP, a new Android application that allows DotProduct users to complete their 3D scanning workflows without ever having to leave their tablets.

According to Elysium, with InfiPoints DP, “users [can] extract planar surfaces and cylinders from their scan data and export them to industry standard solid modeling formats, all on the same tablet used to capture the data.” And that ability might be the final step that many users need to combine their 3D scan and 3D modeling workflows.

In addition to the release of InfiPoints DP, DotProduct has also stated that with the introduction of Phi.3D 2.1, the company's real-time 3D capture technology for mobile devices, and with its updated DPI-8 handheld scanners, users will be able to begin sharing and exporting data to their tablets immediately. To that end, any data exported to a tablet running the InfiPoints app will be able to export scan geometry in either IGES or DWG files formats so that scanned data can be used by CAD technicians.

“While the DPI-8 has proven itself as an excellent tool for reliable point-cloud capture, there has always been a gap between point-cloud scans and solid modeling and BIM tools. With the addition of InfiPoints DP to the DPI-8, we are one step closer to closing that gap, all on the tablet,” stated Tom Greaves, Chief Marketing Officer of DotProduct LLC.

Although Elysium and DotProduct have focused on closing the scan-to-CAD loop from the data capture and interpretation angle, now that CAD programs like Fusion 360 and OnShape can be used on tablets, there’s no real barrier to capturing data and working with it on-site or collaboratively with a client. For anyone concerned with design reviews and quality control, whether in the aerospace, automotive or architectural realm, the ability to work in real time and on-site can be a huge advantage, not only for budgets but for ensuring that every product being produced is of the highest quality.

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