Click2Cast 4.0 Improves Visualization of Porosity in Casting Simulations
Shawn Wasserman posted on October 04, 2016 |
solidThinking democratizes the design of casted parts with CAE tools.
Analyzing Click2Cast 4.0 results. (Image courtesy of Altair solidThinking.)

Analyzing Click2Cast 4.0 results. (Image courtesy of Altair solidThinking.)

Altair's solidThinking has just released Click2Cast 4.0. The software democratizes computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to assess the feasibility of casting a part.

Therefore, the software can be used by both seasoned simulation users and product designers to optimize the casting of a part early in its development cycle.

The Click2Cast user interface (UI) is designed to help guide engineers through the simulation process. The menu prompts the engineer for the inputs needed. The software will even help engineers place additions to the cast, like gates, vents, risers and runners to ensure the part's shape and structural properties.

As a result of the software's simplified UI, it can be a challenge for solidThinking to add complex features to the software. However, Ravi Kunju, vice president of Manufacturing Solutions for solidThinking, believes that his team has met the challenge in this release.

“The beauty of this release is that it includes the addition of advanced simulation capabilities without introducing complexity to the carefully designed user experience,” he said. “As manufacturers strive for higher-performing, lightweight casted products, Click2Cast is an ideal solution to rapidly explore the manufacturability of these aggressive designs and make changes early in the design stage to mitigate production risks.”

Some important updates in the 4.0 release of Click2Cast include:

  • A process template to perform investment casting (aka lost-wax or precision casting)
  • Section cuts to better visualize porosity
  • Integration of FEA meshing to improve how the geometry is captured
  • Simplified modeling of inserts, chillers and sleeves, and use of multiple-mold-materials

“We have been working very hard to give access to casting feasibility simulation to product designers and manufacturing engineers, so they can have a common purpose and framework to produce great and defect-free products for their customers,” said Martin Solina, product manager of Click2Cast.

Click2Cast is a member of solidThinkings' manufacturing solution suite. Each tool in this suite democratizes computer-aided engineering (CAE) so they can be used on the shop floor and by experts at their workstations.

The aim of this portfolio is expand the use of CAE tools beyond the analyst. For instance, in the hands of a designer, these tools can help find errors early in the development cycle which will limit costly redesigns near launch. Additionally, the tools can also be used by engineers on the shop floor to help them assess unexpected results when building the product.

Some of the other tools in this solidThinking suite include:

  • Click2Extrude for polymer and metal extrusions
  • Click2Form for sheet metal forming
To learn more about Click2Cast, watch the webinar: Five Steps to Optimize Casting and Eliminate Defects.

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