TransMagic Adds Enhanced MBD Tools and More to Release 12
Kyle Maxey posted on June 24, 2016 |
A View of TransMagics MBD UI

A View of TransMagics MBD UI

TransMagic, Inc. has announced that the latest version of its flagship product, TransMagic Release 12, has been shipped. According to TransMagic, the new release includes numerous updates to support geometry translation, model-based definition (MBD) and 3D PDF creation, among other enhancements. 

Kicking off the update, TransMagic noted that Release 12 will have expanded capabilities when it comes to displaying product manufacturing information (PMI) and MBD. In Release 12, users will be able to create annotated section views and index them so that they can be rapidly accessed via the company’s new PMI View Browser. Through the use of section views, manufacturers and engineers will find it easier to view dimensional callouts, making short work of sorting through documentation. To further the efficiency of engineering workflows, all PMI views can be exported to 3D PDF or Excel files, making it easy to deploy documents across an operation.

When it comes to 3D PDFs, TransMagic Release 12 has also improved the way its documents are created. Named Tech Docs, TransMagic’s new functionality will allow users to create rich 3D PDFs that contain embedded documents, spreadsheet and CAD models with the click of a button. Essentially, the TransMagic Tech Docs feature allows firms to build 3D PDFs that can be used as a single source reference for all manufacturing information regardless of the data’s file format.

In addition to its updated documentation support, Release 12 has also updated its support for all of the major CAD formats, including SOLIDWORKS, Inventor, CATIA, Solid Edge, Creo, NX, JT, Parasolid and others. Furthermore, TransMagic Release 12 will also support 3D XML and WebGL viewer formats, making it easier to view documentation across an array of devices, including PCs, tablets and phones.

To round out the major feature enhancements in this release, TransMagic has also implemented a new Polygon Reduction tool that will decimate high polygon models, making them easier to handle in viewers and 3D PDFs.  

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