Fujitsu Announces Update to Virtual Product Simulator
Simon Martin posted on June 24, 2016 |

As anybody who has ever been involved with mass production knows, getting a product manufactured successfully doesn't simply end after CAD data has been sent to the factory. Thankfully, a number of production preparation tools exist for making this process as streamlined and as easy to manage as possible for both project managers and manufacturers. 

Among other digital production preparation tools, Fujitsu Manufacturing Industry Solution VPS (Virtual Product and Process Simulator) covers the entire process of mass production preparation. It uses 3D model data of products created with CAD tools for product reviews, process reviews when assembling products and production line layout reviews and for creating documents used in the manufacturing process as a way of streamlining and supporting the mass production process across multiple stakeholders.

This past weekend, Fujitsu announced the launch of the latest version of its VPS solution that will further improve the quality and production time during the early stages of mass production. New features focus on eliminating setup time and improving accuracy and include an all-new functionality for creating product assembly configurations visually.  

The VPS software supports efficient manufacturing for customers through easy use of 3D data. (Image courtesy of Digital Process Ltd.)
The VPS software supports efficient manufacturing for customers through easy use of 3D data. (Image courtesy of Digital Process Ltd.)

The visually displayed component parts, which are referred to as “configuration blocks,” aid in incorporating product design CAD configurations into VPS assembly configurations and enable users to visually edit assembly sequences with shape images. Additionally, Fujitsu strengthened the functionality of the software so that changes in CAD data are immediately reflected in the VPS, with the aim of improving work quality and efficiency.

While previous versions of the software offered similar functionalities, users were required to select the component for which they wished to change the configuration from either the production flow, which listed all the components in order, or the 3D view, which displayed the product as a whole. They then had to execute the command to move it to another unit. The addition of the new configuration blocks will greatly reduce the amount of time necessary for the editing tasks needed to create assembly configurations and improve work efficiency. 

The updated VPS package will be available June 30. Find out more over at the Fujitsu website.

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