QuadriSpace’s New Share3D On-Premise Server
Andrew Wheeler posted on April 22, 2016 |

 Plug-ins are no longer required for your browser to view and access online 3D documents using Share3D’s On-Premise server. The announcement came in yesterday’s press release from Texas-based QuadriSpace

The company is framing Share3D On-Premise as a simple solution for work instructions and spare-part catalogs, among other things. The function is to enhance access to critical product information, which would normally be accessible through different portals, whether they be dealer portals or customer portals.  

Share3D On-Premise promises to make online 3D documentation snappier with no plug-in needed for your browser. (Image courtesy of QuadriSpace.)
Share3D On-Premise promises to make online 3D documentation snappier with no plug-in needed for your browser. (Image courtesy of QuadriSpace.)

What Is Share3D On-Premise?

Powered by Share3D, technical documents are shared in HTML5 and are available with no client-side install on most computing devices. Let me expand on that. According to the press release, if you’re using Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome or Opera on PC, Mac, Android or iOS devices, Share3D On-Premise Server will work. What makes Share3D On-Premise different from other web solutions is that it requires no browser plug-ins. But it’s not as if a browser plug-in takes a lifetime to download, so what else is there that makes this newsworthy? 

When compared to other services such as 3D PDF, viewing and accessing Powered by Share3D documents means that you’ll see improved 3D performance, 3D viewing on Android and iOS devices, and a smoother browser viewing experience.  

Share3D On-Premise can also be combined with authoring software from QuadriSpace, which includes Pages3D and Publisher3D. Utilizing this combination of integrated sets of solutions allows companies and other organizations to employ existing 3D CAD models to create documentation and send them out over the installed local server. There are many benefits of using a local server, and it affords customers “direct control of security, access, performance, appearance, organization and content of their technical documentation system,” according to the press release. 

Simplifying delivery of technical documentation

There are several features that Share3D On-Premise has that optimize customization and organization, and simplify the process of maintaining online documentation portals. The documentation portals are set up in two ways:

1.       To provide local intranet access for superior internal security.

2.       To provide access and viewing via user portals with or without authentication requirements.

Better tools for managing file hierarchy, versions and user access

By using hierarchical organization and links between documents, customers are supposed to be able to create reusable instructions and simplify spare-part catalogs for the simplest to the most complex product documentation requirements. Pages3D allows users to combine page layout tools with 3D tools, and Publisher3D gives the user access to templates in order to publish illustrations and single-page documents.

Product documentation

In order to publish 3D documents that are the most useful for collaborators, you need the right 3D tools.  Having the flexibility to create clickable parts lists, step-by-step processes, interactive animations, illustrated parts list and product mock-ups, as well as combine these QuadriSpace products, is the main analogous message for convincing engineers to invest some dough in QuadriSpace for their product document needs.   

Having the control to create completely customized documents (Pages3D) with customizable templates (Publisher3D) and the ability to sculpt the Web experience of 3D documents (standard CSS and HTML modification) with Share3D On-Premise may be worth your time and effort if you’re in the market for online 3D documents solutions. 

Effective collaboration depends on many things, but clarity and access to customized 3D documents without the need to take up any memory with a plug-in may be worth both your time and your investment. 

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