Altair Acquires Wave Propagation and Radio Networking Software
Shawn Wasserman posted on April 12, 2016 |
HyperWorks further expands its electromagnetic offerings of FEKO and JMAG.
WinProp wave propagation and radio network planning results from ProMan. (Image courtesy of AWE and Altair.)

WinProp wave propagation and radio network planning results from ProMan. (Image courtesy of AWE and Altair.)

Altair recently announced their acquisition of AWE Communications GMBH (AWE), creators of the WinProp Software Suite. WinProp is known for its wave propagation and radio network planning functions.

One of the key tools within WinProp is ProMan. ProMan contains all of the models for wave propagation needed to simulate networks in an air interface.

“The software has been developed over almost 20 years with a strict focus on propagation modeling and radio network planning,” said Angelika Wölfle, previous CEO and owner of AWE. “Being a key partner with several privately and publicly funded projects has allowed us to develop several modules and interfaces for a broad range of propagation, communication and EMC applications.”

WinPro offers empirical and deterministic propagation models that are optimized for various scenarios such as:

  • Rural
  • Residential
  • Urban
  • Suburban
  • Indoor
  • Campus
  • Tunnel
  • Underground
  • Vehicular
  • Time-variant
  • GEO and LEO Satellites

WinProp is the latest entry in Altair’s corporate strategy to beef up the electromagnetic (EM) capabilities of HyperWorks. For instance, JSOL’s EM technology JMAG joined the Altair Partner alliance in late 2013, and Altair acquired EM Software and Systems in 2014 for their FEKO solver.

Additionally, the latest release of HyperWorks 14.0 saw significant improvements to the FEKO electromagnetics simulations solver. Given this focus on EM, the acquisition of the WinProp technology will be a natural synergistic strategy.

“The software already complements our current offering for the telecommunications industry,” said Ulrich Jakobus, vice-president of electromagnetic solutions at Altair. “Together, WinProp and FEKO will allow leading solutions for vehicle-to-vehicle communications, autonomous driving vehicles and all related sensors. Many of our existing customers will welcome the fact that these solutions will soon be available together with an interface for radiation patterns and RCS data.”

Wölfle also mentioned that the acquisition will allow the WinProp and FEKO development and sales teams to work together for higher integration of the two products.

Have you used FEKO or WinProp? How would you like to see them integrated into one platform? Comment below.

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