MATLAB, Simulink 2016a Released
Kyle Maxey posted on March 24, 2016 |
MathWorks announces a sprawling release to its MATLAB and Simulink software packages.
A view of MATLAB's new Live Editor

A view of MATLAB's new Live Editor

MathWorks has announced the newest update for its engineering programming platform, MATLAB, and its systems simulation model-based design software, Simulink.

The new release, aptly named Release 2016a, aims to accelerate engineering innovation cycles with new interactive development environments and simulation tools.

The most notable addition to the release is MATLAB’s new Live Editor tool. With Live Editor, engineers have a completely new way to write, edit and run MATLAB code.

In Live Editor, the graphical output of any code will be displayed alongside the code itself in an interactive environment. With both elements contained inside an interactive window, engineers can alter their code to refine the graphical results that they’re viewing. This new level of interactivity should make it possible to develop exploratory code in a more fluid and natural way. In addition, engineers will also have the ability to format text, equations, images and other elements to make more compelling interactive narratives to describe their work to colleagues. 

Another major update to MATLAB is the software’s new App Designer. Complete with a new UI and component set for building MATLAB apps, the new designer makes it easier to connect code to visual components that can program the behavior of an app on the fly. Additionally, the new App Designer now leverages object-oriented code, making it much easier to share data across application elements and maintain complex applications as they grow.

Swinging over to the Simulink side of MathWorks’ release, the simulation package is loaded with new features—with everything from a new Aerospace Blockset that can display standard cockpit instrumentation readouts to Simscape Fluids, a thermal liquid library that helps engineers model dynamic liquid systems.

Although Simulink’s update is vast, a few of the more important tools that the software update contains are new solvers and simulation options that will reduce the time to solution and give engineers more tools for verifying their results.

Learn more at the MathWorks’ website

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