COMPOSE Yourself: IRONCAD Updates Mobile CAD Viewer
Kyle Maxey posted on March 18, 2016 |
Configuration tool updates promise to give engineers a new space for client interaction.
COMPOSE mobile brings IRONCAD-fueled collaboration to mobile devices.

COMPOSE mobile brings IRONCAD-fueled collaboration to mobile devices.

IRONCAD recently announced the release of its updated mobile CAD viewer COMPOSE Mobile.

To say that mobile technology has taken the world by storm is an understatement. More and more tablets and smartphones are becoming the primary tool for doing business and communicating ideas. Regardless of whether you’re managing sales, reviewing documents or even doing design work, you’ve likely you’ve used a mobile device to help complete your work.

COMPOSE Mobile came as IRONCAD’s response to the constant changes in the technologies that we use for business. The app allows engineers and clients to communicate, collaborate and configure products on mobile devices.

"The latest version of IRONCAD COMPOSE Mobile extends all aspects of the usability of the product when communicating with customers and sales teams,” said Cary O’Connor, VP of marketing at IRONCAD.

This latest release promises streamlined graphical performance, increased capabilities for configuration and improved handling of larger assemblies. COMPOSE Mobile also now allows users to select and manipulate multiple components in an assembly simultaneously.

In addition, the update reportedly also extends the variety of parts available in a component library. It does this by capitalizing on IRONCAD’s design variations feature to embed multiple design configurations into a single model or assembly and select between them.

COMPOSE Mobile also allows the user to manipulate a design on the mobile side and then securely port those changes back to the IRONCAD or the INOVATE platform. Once back in either IRONCAD or INOVATE, those manipulations can be converted into native modeling data where engineers can verify and finalize their designs.

By giving users the ability to visualize, manipulate and configure a design in a mobile environment, COMPOSE Mobile offers engineers a convenient new space to interact with customers and create bespoke designs to suit a client’s needs. Given the fact that trends like mass customization and mobile interaction are beginning to drive design, apps like COMPOSE Mobile are arriving just in time.

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