Kubotek Software Suite Gets an Upgrade
Kyle Maxey posted on January 21, 2016 |
Kubotek improves its Spectrum CAD Viewer and Validation Tool offerings in its newest release.
Kubotek Spectrum CAD Viewer.

Kubotek Spectrum CAD Viewer.

Kubotek has released the newest versions of its core CAD software, which include Spectrum CAD Viewer, Validation Tool and ECO Manager.

A Collection of Viewers to Meet Any Budget

Arriving at three different price points, Kubotek’s Spectrum CAD Viewer has an option for any engineering firm’s budget. At the entry level, Kubotek is offering its Spectrum KeyCreator viewer as a free download. With a free offering, essentially anyone will be able to view KeyCreator files.

For midrange applications, Kubotek offers its Spectrum Viewer for $99. With this package, users will have the ability to view KeyCreator, legacy CADKEY, DWG and eight other neutral file formats including STEP, IGES and 3D PDF.

Kubotek’s flagship product, Spectrum Premium, expands the number of CAD file formats that can be viewed by the tool. In addition to the file formats already supported in the vanilla Spectrum Viewer, Premium users will be able to access more than two dozen native CAD formats, including CATIA V5, Solid Edge, and JT, along with their corresponding product manufacturing information. Spectrum Premium can be purchased for $299.

Validation to Meet Industry Standards

Though robust CAD viewers are important in a multi-CAD world, quality assurance is essential to meeting design timelines. For companies that have to abide by the Boeing D6-51991 data integrity quality assurance requirement, Kubotek offers its Validation Tool.

With the Validation Tool, users can verify the integrity of model geometry, detecting artifacts of geometric translation across file formats and geometric kernels by comparing a target model to a master file. With the Validation Tool, users can also run part verification on a wide variety of file formats, including 3D PDF BREP data. After running a validation, results can be documented via PowerPoint or 3D PDF.

Let No ECO Go Unwatched

Like its other updates, ECO Manager includes the ability to read a wide variety of file formats. With the ECO Manager, users can compare any two CAD file formats to verify if there are any differences in product geometry, model-based definitions or product manufacturing information to more easily zero-in on design changes. Again, all results generated by the ECO Manager can be exported to PowerPoint or 3D PDF to quickly disseminate results.

Given the relatively low cost of these tools and their ability to ensure accurate translation of CAD from one format to another, Kubotek’s newest releases appear to be worth a look, that is, provided your CAD package doesn't include these tools natively. 

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