STAR-CCM+ to Get a Lesson in Mixology
Shawn Wasserman posted on September 15, 2015 | | 5439 views
CD-adapco, creators of the multiphysics simulation software STAR-CCM+, has joined the BHR Group Fluid Mixing Processes (FMP) Consortium. This will give the CFD company access to experts on chemical mixing and processes.

BHR Group is an engineering consultancy and research organization that also provides product development services for fluid engineering. Therefore, joining the consortium gives CD-adapco many opportunities to validate their software and gain access to the BHR Group’s library of design guidelines for mixing and mixer design.

Additionally, the consortium shares with their members’ current experimental research on mixing and chemical processes. As many of these members currently use the STAR-CCM+ program, this will be a good opportunity for CD-adapco to learn how and where to expand the software.

“CD-adapco’s commitment to the chemical process industry is growing as is evident by joining this consortium,” said Ravindra Aglave, director of chemical processing at CD-adapco. “Our membership will give us a platform to test and validate our software against real world data, while at the same time providing us access to the expertise and proven methodologies of fellow consortium members in the mixing and chemical process industries.” 

However, it appears that the collaboration will go a step further as members of the consortium will work to gain access to simulation experts to help with their work. Aglave said, “We are looking forward to closely working with FMP to learn advancements and provide mixing-related simulation capabilities for future needs for the members of this consortia.”

“We are delighted to welcome CD-adapco to our FMP consortium,” said Brian Borrill, sales director for BHR Group. “For over 30 years, FMP has been an acknowledged world leader in mixing research and, as with the input from all of our members, the expertise of CD-adapco will bring an exciting new dimension to the FMP work.”

STAR-CCM+ already has various abilities to model mixing. However, by tapping into the experts in the field they will be able to get an edge modeling such a system. As a result, expect to see more chemical processing and mixing capabilities in future releases of STAR-CCM+.

Do you have difficulty modeling a mixer? What would make the simulation easier to set up? Comment below.

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