GT STRUDL 2015 Adds AutoCAD Interface for Modeling
Shawn Wasserman posted on September 10, 2015 | | 9912 views
Image courtesy of Georgia Tech.

Image courtesy of Georgia Tech.

Intergraph has released the 2015 version of the structural simulation and design software, GT STRUDL. This latest release includes the addition of a 3D CAD modeler, multi-processor solver and 64-bit performance.

GT STRUDL adding modeling to a CAE program is similar to when simulation company ANSYS added SpaceClaim to their software for 3D modeling.

GT STRUDL is a database-driven CAE software. It is able to integrate graphical modeling with frame and element analysis for linear, nonlinear, static and dynamic systems. The software is also able to perform reinforced concrete and steel design.

With GT STRUDL’s addition of the CAD modeler, users will be able to create complex structural models for use in analysis. This analysis can then be displayed with an AutoCAD interface — which should be familiar to many engineers.

“This new release of GT STRUDL furthers the mission of efficiently creating safe structural engineering designs. The integration with the CAD modeler eliminates duplication efforts and condenses multiple programs and information stored in several places into one workspace,” said Rick Allen, president of Intergraph. “This means that structural engineers can create safe designs faster in a program they already know how to use.”

GT STRUDL was acquired by Intergraph in 2014 from Georgia Tech University. The structural CAE tool was first developed in 1970 and has been updated by the school for nearly 40 years.

Image courtesy of Georgia Tech.

Image courtesy of Georgia Tech.

Various industries use GT STRUDL, including conventional power generation, nuclear power, nuclear defense, plant structures, marine, offshore, civil engineering and infrastructure design. For instance, the nuclear industry often uses the tool to design, maintain and upgrade various components from turbine buildings to pipe support structures.

“GT STRUDL is one of the most widely used and adaptable structural analysis solutions in the world with a proven track record in a variety of applications,” said Patrick Holcomb, executive vice president at Intergraph. “It has been a valuable addition to the Intergraph portfolio, and the new version offers our EPC [engineering, procurement and construction] and owner-operator customers an enhanced solution to help them increase efficiency while reducing costs.”

As for Intergraph’s portfolio, the various software offerings are designed for easy sharing of relevant information. Some of these offerings include:

  • CADWorx, an AutoCAD-based plant modeling software
  • CADWorx DraftPro, a free software for 2D design and layout
  • CAESAR II, a pipe stress analysis software
  • PV Elite, for exchanger and vessel design and analysis
  • TANK, for oil storage tank design and analysis
  • Visual Vessel Design for the design and analysis of boilers, pressure vessels and shell/tube exchangers

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