New Flipped Classroom Model Aims to Improve CFD Training
Shawn Wasserman posted on July 23, 2015 |
CD-adapco has launched their STAR Academy training program. The online and/or in-class training aims to teach CFD users how to become familiar with the multidisciplinary STAR-CCM+ software.

The STAR Academy will be implementing a “flipped” classroom model. In this model, students will perform most of the content studies before interacting with instructors. By doing this, they will be able to optimize their time with instructors by asking informed questions and participating in discussions as opposed to listening to lectures.

“Instead of transferring the basic knowledge in a classroom lecture, we are making better use of the experience and expertise of the instructor by interacting at a higher level,” said Professor Ron Averill of Michigan State University and Red Cedar Technology (a CD-adapco company). “The questions that the students have, because they are prepared, will be much more meaningful and they will be the real questions that are stumping students. We will also be able to focus on applications and more broad experience than we could before.”

Averill noted that many schools are using this flipped classroom model today but that it isn’t a trend. He said, “This is not a fashion thing. Schools are notorious for not following trends very well. This is something that has been proven to be very effective and that is why we are doing it.”

The online version of the training is available for purchase and login registration through CD-adapco’s community platform, the Steve Portal. With this login, students will be able to access modules, training material and course descriptions. This allows the user to access the online information at their convenience before or after instructor-led sessions. The content will focus on popular STAR-CCM+ components, technology and e-learning modules.

“We are preparing CD-adapco customers to not only be more successful with CD-adapco products, but increase their knowledge and application of multidisciplinary simulation in their day-to-day work,” said Aaron Bird, CD-adapco senior training and instructional design manager. “Our program will progress users through the steps to take them from functional users of the software to expert champions of all CD-adapco products.”

The online login will also allow students to keep track of their competency and progress through the training. This will ensure they have mastered the concepts, skills and multidisciplinary/multiphysics technology needed to contribute to their customers and organizations.

With the flipped classroom method, online training treats you more like a professional and less like a typical student. In other words, you are not spoon-fed content. The onus is on the student to prepare. This model, in theory, should improve the dedication of the student body as they “have more skin in the game.” They are required to think for themselves, ask questions and discuss the content as opposed to sitting and listening for hours on end. It will not be surprising to see this dynamic education method trickling into more and more professional training programs.

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