DrawingSearcher 2015 Expands Its Reach into MicroStation
Kyle Maxey posted on May 29, 2015 |
Docupoint has announced the latest release of its CAD document search and indexing software, DrawingSearcher. In the 2015 edition, Docupoint has expanded its reach into the 2D CAD industry offering support for not only Autodesk’s AutoCAD, but for Bentley’s MicroStation software as well. 

Like Google, DrawingSearcher operates by “pre-crawling” all of the CAD, Office and other file types — everything from HTML to ZIP files — that are stored on a company’s intranet. Once a catalog of a company’s documents has been collated, documents can be searched and ordered by keywords (words, phrases, alpha-numeric text and Boolean parameters) according to their relevance.

What’s most impressive about DrawingSearcher is that it can pull data from within a drawing, making every element of a DWG, DWF, PDF, etc. file a live and searchable element. For large companies, government contractors or other firms that rely on part reuse, this type of software is invaluable. Whether you need to review a previous design, find a commonly used component or match the threads or tolerances of two mating parts, DrawingSearcher can be a valuable tool.

However, DrawingSearcher has left me yearning for more.

DrawingSearcher serves only AutoCAD and MicroStation users and largely ignores 3D applications. If you’ve got any notion of which way the wind’s blowing, you know that 2D CAD is a critically endangered species.

If DrawingSearcher’s powerful crawler could be ported to 3D CAD systems such as Inventor, Creo, Solid Edge, and Revit, and then it would be a product in which more users would find reason to invest.

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