MecSoft Corporation Releases New and Improved 3D Printing Software
Caitlin Leonard posted on April 10, 2017 | 7212 views

An innovation has been made in the world of CAD/CAM software solutions. Leader in the field MecSoft Corporation recently introduced the latest versions of its 3D printing software products. The Rhino3DPRINT 2017 and Visual3DPRINT 2017 are the latest plug-ins available to run inside the Rhinoceros NURBS 5.0 modeler and MecSoft’s VisualCAD modeler. 

A screenshot of Visual3DPRINT. (Image courtesy of MecSoft.)
A screenshot of Visual3DPRINT. (Image courtesy of MecSoft.)

Addressing both additive and subtractive manufacturing technologies for the small to midmarket segments, these software system improvements will allow for easy-to-use custom manufacturing, rapid prototyping and tooling, and they will be useful for the mold making, aerospace, automotive, tool and die, woodworking, and education industries.

Impressive features of this new technology include the ability to stitch meshes to be watertight and amenable to 3D printing, the creation of meshes from raw point clouds, and the ability to perform Boolean set operations on mesh geometry. There have also been upgrades to decimate and smooth meshes for improved 3D printing, the creation of support geometry to hold up overhangs when printing, optimization of the orientation of mesh geometry in the print volume, and the creation of nozzle paths and corresponding G-code for FDM/SLA printers.

These new innovations will help ensure a higher level of preparation of 3D data, such as point clouds and meshes, that otherwise cannot be 3D printed. The technology also boasts an extensive file import functionality. The necessary changes made were based on bugs reported by customers and found during internal testing, and they are focused primarily on memory usage improvements and performance enhancements.

A free demo of Rhino3DPRINT 2017 and Visual3DPRINT 2017 is available now at

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