VIDEO: How to Take Predictive Analytics Beyond the Manufacturing Floor
James Anderton posted on June 22, 2016 |

“Predictive analytics,” “Industrial Internet of Things” (IIoT), “digital factory” – you’ve likely heard these acronyms before, but how many factories are actually using these technologies?

In the video above, we speak with Clint Belinsky, VP of global quality for Jabil Circuit, a broad range contract manufacturer with multiple production processes who uses advanced techniques to implement “factory of the future” technology.

Belinsky shares with us how Jabil is implementing predictive analytics in its production processes today.

Using predictive analytics software in conjunction with process and automation technology, Jabil can collect data as products move down the line. This data can used to create a y=f(x) formula that can predict issues before they occur.

“Before that issue is about to occur, we can provide prescriptive instructions for operators or engineers to follow to prevent the problem from occurring,” said Belinsky. “We could also expand that once that’s working and expand that to include the data from the field, and develop models to predict when and how a product could fail in the field.”

To learn more about how Jabil Circuit is using digital factory technology, watch the video above and visit

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