Civil Engineering

Gain career advantage by showing you can speak “user”
A big part of success as an engineer is being able to communicate your insights to non-engineers -- ...
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Earthshaking Gas
Seismic activity detected in April and May near Blackpool, England are now attributed to a nearby ga...
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Structural Engineer (SE) Licensure Explained

 Structural Engineer (SE) Licensure Explained   Engineering professionals of all disciplin... More >>
Highway through a Building

 This 16 story building is located in Osaka, Japan.  This is a clever compromise to shorta... More >>
Preparing for LEED Accreditation Online: a Review of Several Leading Online LEED Course Providers
Review of online LEED education providers. Engineers can compare online LEED providers before decidi...
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Shedding Some Light on Bulb Options

We test Incandescents, CFLs and LEDs It's not simple to buy light bulbs these days. What's with all ... More >>
Greenwashing - The Dirty Truth

Greenwashing is the practice of promoting the green attributes of a product to increase sales, even ... More >>
Green buildings in Las Vegas
The IBS Show promotes green construction products.
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