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Richard Williams
Richard is driven to serve students and educational institutions with the school science projects he creates that promote interest in STEM subjects. He has an awesome machine shop.

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Boston Marathon

High Tech & Low Tech  By Corporal Willy, April 20th, 2013      ... More >>
Experiments in Lighter Stronger Structures
Question:  Can you make a record-breaking structure from ordinary materials?
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Declaration of World Record Set
To all the Members of ENGINEERING.com and the world at large, I do solemnly swear and affirm that on...
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LMS: The Learning Evolution
Have you ever thought backwards in time about how you learned things in the past? Or are you more li...
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HSMWorks Breaks the Mold

HSMWorks Breaks the Mold.   By Corporal Willy December 2nd 2011        ... More >>
Education Collapse?

  Corporal Willy Report   By Corporal Willy aka Richard Williams      ... More >>
The World Today

  Think and wonder. Just my thoughts.        Well I can sum thing... More >>
Changes to Come

What will Happen and When. By Richard Williams aka Corporal Willy, Jan, 7th, 2011     ... More >>
Education at its Best

  College Credits in High School  By Corporal Willy, Sept. 15th 2010     &#... More >>
One Two Three Punch

  IMSI/Design Delivers a One Two Three Punch By Corporal Willy, October 31st 2010    ... More >>
Education Today is not like it Was
At the Engineering Show Presentation, A-TECH was there with student ambassadors and some of their pr...
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College in High School

  High School College Credits  By Corporal Willy, Sept. 15th 2010     Proje... More >>
Something you might be able to use.
Well, if you have taken advantage of the information I post from time to time this might be useful t...
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Education is Planned.
I know how that might sound but it really does take a lot of people who are real experts in the educ...
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What you can do when you don't know what to do.
Are you dissolulioned about things?  Are the ecomomic times getting you down?  Are the bil...
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What happens when all your eggs are in one basket?
R&D can work together with the Casino Industry Diversification is needed to share the risk in yo...
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Gulf Oil Spill: Ocean Temperatures.
What Happens When Oil Coats the Ocean Surface? By Corporal Willy, June 30th, 2010    ...
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Beach Surface Cleanup: Another Idea
Gulf Oil Spill Beach Clean-Up
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Father's Day and it is Time to Relax
Today is a Special Day for All of us Fathers. By Corporal Willy.      &nbs...
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Ideas Modeled From Comments Of Our Members.
Designs from Members Comments
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Highlighting the Members Comments
Gulf Oil Spill - Your Comments
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Top Kill Didn't Work and Now More Than Ever....
Engineering Ideas and Design Solutions Needed NOW!  By Corporal Willy, May 29th 2010.
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Something to be Proud of.
A Combination of Really Good Things Leads to Championships.  By Corporal Willy May 24th, 2010 ...
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Who Will Have It and Who Won't?
 A Memorable Trip  By Corporal Willy April 2010    I took some pictures on my...
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Helping Kids by Getting Involved
PayBac     Is it ever worthwhile to help guide children into a better life?&nbs...
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SOS: Ideas, Solutions, Brainstorming.
A Serious Problem Exists We Need Solutions Immediately. We need our membership to do a little brain...
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Searching for Cardboard and Ideas
 We need your help!      We are having some problems locating large peices...
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Ounce for ounce or Bit for Bit, TurboCAD Ver 17 Pro. The most Powerful Program for the money.
Power, Features, Tools, Capabilities and NOW Turbo Charged to Boot.  By Corporal Willy, April...
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Throw it Away or Make Some Money.
A Throw Away Economy for Today, Maybe Not.     It would be wrong of me not to ...
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Across the Abyss
Something major is underway here at the Hoover Dam Bypass project.  I thought all those interes...
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A Tool Within a Tool
A Wooden Folding Ruler is also Another Tool Here is a cute tip that could come in handy for many ou...
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Fun Learning, Fun Projects, Great Education
Kicking Off Cardboard Constructions in Schools By Corporal Willy, Feb. 23rd 2010 Education should ...
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Handy Information
Where is Your Meeting Going to be at? You might want to take a look at this if you are still at the...
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Investing in Our Children's Future
Frankly Speaking: Career Day at the North West Career Technical Academy.  By Richard Williams...
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Working Under Flourescent Lighting.
Office Engineers & Other Workers
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How could this happen?
Check your Tool Box for What you Need By Corporal Willy, Feb 3rd, 2010 Well I guess I just cannot ...
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Teaching With the Tools of the Trade
Teachers, Students and Everybody Else By Corporal Willy,  Jan, 27th  2010
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Build and Test Contest
Calling All Students, Teachers, Engineers and Interested People in Education.
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Some Meat and Potatoes gets inside.
Solar One Gets Some Inside Parts No one knows better than me how slow things are going.  ...
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Teacher's Treasure Trove
 Free to Teachers and Anyone else that can use them. by Corporal Willy,  Jan. 8, 2010 &n...
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Some Good Things That I Found for YOU.
CHEAP and or FREE   Every so often I do an extensive research into what is CHEAP or FREE on th...
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Just in time for Santa Claus
With all the great contacts I have in the CAD industry, it is always nice to be able to tell you whe...
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What's Happening with Solar One?
What's the latest on Solar One of Engineering.com? No one in my community understands the need I ha...
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First Flight Successful for Newest SolidWorks User Group
  Off and Running; First Ever SolidWorks User Group Meeing held in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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Remote Desert Wanderings
Think of someplace remote and then look at this one.     For all those teachers and...
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Solar One of Engineering.com Progress Report
Solar One of Engineering.com; Progress Report
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New User Group Starts
Informational Invitation to a new SolidWorks User Group forming in Las Vegas.    ...
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Taking the Bad with the Good
We all know how hard it was to prepare ourselves for our careers.  Many of us have never worked...
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Solar Birdhouse & Me
       Tweet, Tweet, Tweet in my Birdhouse By Corporal Willy, 10...
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Something for Teachers to think about.
Alternative Materials from Outside of the Box; Literally.    I wanted to help come up with...
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