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Entry # 24 - Engdotcomhg, an air-buoyant vacuum container

  Entry # 24 A breakthrough in the matter of “air-buoyant vacuum containers”.   While car... More >>
Entry #23 : A cost-effective solar concentrator : mission accomplished

  A COST-EFFECTIVE SOLAR CONCENTRATOR : Mission accomplished !   This website, “Engineeri... More >>
Entry # 21 The real McCoy MaCube

  ENTRY # 21 : THE REAL McCOY MaCUBE (Colour-Pattern-Puzzle)   ZERO-LEVEL by Encubator-San... More >>
Something new, while waiting for Boulton-Huxley

  Entry 20 : Something new while waiting for Boulton-Huxley.   A local “professional” Gee... More >>
Entry 19 - more about solar electricity, sea-water and all that

  Entry 19 : ENER-AGRICULTURE & ECOLOGISTICS - a draft-note aimed at any future “Philosophy... More >>
Entry 18 - Renewable Energy Engineering : overcoming fundamental constraints

  Renewable Energy engineering : overcoming fundamental constraints     This 18th en... More >>
Once more unto . . .
This entry is by way of a progress report on my construction of a cost-effective solar concentrator ...
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ENTRY # 16 Introducing : an actual demonstrator unit of a cost-effective solar concentrator.
I have already proposed various conceptual innovations for "solar concentrators" among my various en...
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Entry # 15 A crazy idea whose time has come . . .
This disclosure defines a toy/game that also pretends to be an engineering disciple, a science and a...
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ENTRY # 14 The Reciprocker - an improvable contrivance for turning solar heat into electricity
A single double-acting piston moving in a two-chamber cylinder is driven by steam in one chamber, bu...
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Entry12A - My last word on "root-facet GOG-MAGOG solids"
I believe these geometric solids are NEW - not previously disclosed in any popular mathematics text....
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Entry # 12 : OTCOM - how I discovered "Root-Rectangle Gog-Magog Structures"
Gog-Magog structures are almost the last word in Near-Sphere Domes technology. Any not-too-pliant id...
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Entry # 11 The Diophant and its geometric jewel facets
  This is an integer-approximation of a "solid" that necessarily contains several "irrational l...
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Entry # 10 - some loose ends tied about my solar concentrator designs
All good as well as unguid things come to an end - and so herewith, does this particular subset...
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Entry 9 - step'n'wedgecalc - a helpful bit of CAD
Cost-effective solar concentrators should not take up too much designer time, because of too many te...
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Entry 8 - the multi-facet concentrator made weatherproof and safe
A reflector-based concentrator has delicate mirror-surfaces - they need to be protected especially i...
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Entry Seven : design of a cost-effective 40-reflector Solar Radiation Concentrator
As previously promised, here is an actual design for a concentrator that anyone can build, using the...
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Cost-effective Solar-Radiation Concentrators : my last word !
Everyone, from Germany, France, Abu Dabi and Uncle Sam Cobley and all - is getting into the act, and...
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Parbuoyant Airborne Vehicles
Sharks can swim in the ocean, though they cannot float in water - light containers filled ...
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entry #4 - hear ye, hear ye !
Some innovation down-sides
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Now get this !
A philosophy of innovation, and start-up example
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A hiccup brings a need to repeat the first entry
The first entry got wiped ourt when I tried to enter the second - here it comes, repeated
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Another sxtep in the same direction
  This blog begins with a simple little triangle : call it the “9-10-9”, two equal slope-sides ...
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