LMS: The Learning Evolution
Richard Williams posted on January 10, 2012 | 5488 views

Have you ever thought backwards in time about how you learned things in the past? Or are you more like me when you think about how you are going to learn things in the future? In these fast paced days in my life, I am pre-occupied with the future and how I am going to teach the newer generation of technologists. There is a lot available to teachers today like, textbooks, videos, online distance learning and of course the traditional classroom and curriculum. However, change is coming into the educational scene. We see it in most everything else these days as well. What I have seen come into the educational realm over the last ten years or so will be the subject of this short article. I hope it will inform you as to what is available right now in learning CAD and related types of programs.

The modern classrooms have changed and some really nice technical devices are available to the instructors and teachers in our schools. Wireless microphones worn around the neck to large viewing screens for demonstrations are just some of what I am talking about. Modern teaching techniques used along with well outfitted classrooms make teaching easier along with learning hard subjects. Once there were only teachers and textbooks. Today we can supplement good classroom demonstrations with video tutorials that can reinforce all that is taught in the classroom. The added benefit of this is that the student can re-play a video tutorial until it is understood completely. Then it can be practiced until they get it right. The proof of this type of learning is typically seen when someone learns to play a musical instrument. "Practice makes perfect" and the people at 4D Technologies got it right with their system of learning.


Learning the many different Autodesk Programs that are offered by this authorized publisher and producer of self paced CAD learning is both affordable and realistic. Whether we see it as a replacement for teachers or instructors in some cases, depends principally upon the age, discipline and experience of the learner. With those that have some experience already with programs like CAD, this can be a viable alternative to attending far away classes. Watching online tutorials and even using available textbooks can get you that job you wanted. Preparing for your industry CAD program certifications, while using a Learning Management System like 4D Technologies offers, can be your ticket to success.

4D Technologies offers various styles and levels of purchased training that is industry recognized and used by individuals, businesses, educational institutions and even by government. If you are already disciplined to learning on your own, or have experience in similar programs, then you will like what is available for you right now in your knowledge search. There is something for everyone on this web site and when you compare the cost and time of traveling to and from a school along with the tuition costs and other fees this can be a real savings for you. Combine this with real classroom instruction and you have a win, win scenario. I’ve done it.

If you are looking for a way to learn that CAD, CAE, MCAD or AEC program from the extensive Autodesk line up of programs, I would like to invite you over to the http://www.cadlearning.com/ web site for a look. I really believe if you are a serious student or teacher, a business or government and you are looking for a way to teach your students or employees, these video tutorials can be invaluable to learning or teaching. Good Luck in 2012.

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