One Two Three Punch
Richard Williams posted on October 31, 2010 | 3230 views


IMSI/Design Delivers a One Two Three Punch
By Corporal Willy, October 31st 2010
    The people at IMSI/Design LLC, has delivered a combination of punches to the CAD world that is going to be hard to recover from with any opponents out there. I have seen this program come up out of seemingly nowhere and become a very formable player that can do so much it is hard to believe that it is priced at just under $700 USD. I was given a copy of their latest version to kick the tires but before doing that, I decided to go look at all the fanfare about it on their web site;   What I found there was an incredible insight into something that should cost a lot more for what it can do. I don’t want you to believe me. I want you to take the well worthwhile tour to see for yourself what they were able to pack inside of this already incredible software program called DoubleCAD XT Pro., Version 3. 
    In these hard economic times there is a real reason to be careful about how you spend your money and also what you spend it on. So if you are like me and have to be careful about what you do, then you should be in search for bargains. I’m not Jewish but I love the phrase that comes from them and their culture. “Cheap is Expensive” as the saying goes and I agree with that. When you need a good tool that will do everything you want it to do and you fully intend to use it to make a living with it, you surely don’t want to buy a cheap substitute and be disappointed. But there is also another side of that same argument. Why overpay for something because of a name brand when something of lesser fame (for now) can do it all for a lot less and put a real smile upon your face and make your pockets bulge. 
    Let’s face the facts here. I’m not a professional engineer, architect or designer like you are out there. You are working hard in your professional careers and I know it is not easy. I’m retired and getting old but I am not out of touch with your needs. I have written numerous article blogs telling you what you might not know about and how to save that money you work so hard for.   My professional career ended but I started a new one. My only job these days is to teach what I know and to write about things I believe in whole heartedly. I can fully recommend to you this latest version of DoubleCAD XT Pro., Ver. 3. I could re-write the brief of the web site here in their newsletter that recently came out or direct you there with that web site URL up above.
    But you will be greatly surprised about what IMSI/Design was able to put inside of this surprisingly powerful CAD package. I’ll list them like:
Ruby Scripting (make your own tools)                           Design Director
RedSDK Graphic Acceleration                                       Parametric Constraints
Even more powerful 2D Drafting and Detailing            Parametric Parts Manager
Drafting Palette                                                                 Hatch Pattern Creator
Architectural Tools like:
    Walls & Compound Walls: Parametric Doors & Windows: Stairs, Rails, Slabs & Roofs: Markers & Schedules: Styles Management: Terrain:
Drawing Compare: File Interoperability & Xrefs: SketchUp Workflow: Software    Developers Kit: Premium Support: This is not the complete list either. For that I direct you to the web site to download the PDF. 
So it all boils down to this. Want to save money on tools for your trade that can do the job for you? Well if you are then this is a virtual trip you will want to make.  As always I do not endorse just anything. I have to believe in it myself. I believe in this powerful do all program. Bye for now.

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