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E2M and Polytron, leaders in helping customers engineer and operate with manufacturing excellence, continue to enhance system delivery with a method that will get manufactures to market in half the time.  A PolySim Emulation is a manufacturing system integration solution that will help customers in the food, beverage, consumer products, and pharmaceutical industries with highly complex installations. 

A PolySim Emulation provides a method to test new controls systems off site, get a new line up and running at capacity in half the time, for half the costs, with half the effort.   This manufacturing solution will help bring outsourcing inside, help companies gear up for a new product launch, and help rearrange a geographical footprint to lower distribution costs.  This will help solve the problem of losing revenue when adding a new line. 

“We deliver solutions to them that will that, they tell us, help them meet their business strategies, reduce their overall risks, reduce their time to market, and improve their long-term performance,” said Brent Stromwall, VP of Polytron.  

                A PolySim Emulation is such a game changer because it is not merely simulation.  Emulation requires the controls system to operate a computer model of the installed system in real time – just as if it were running the new system on the plant floor.  The debugging and verification process is almost 95% complete before a single item is installed on site.  This allows the manufactures to get to market twice as fast. 

                When using a PolySim Emulation, a simple, cost-saving, three-step process is used that tests everything in-house, makes any necessary adjustment, and conducts a final Factory Acceptance Test with the customer using the emulation model.    

                More information about E2M’s and Polytron’s PolySim Emulation is available at,  or by calling Brent Stromwall at (800)622-4326. 

About Polytron

Polytron Inc., a leader in systems integration, provides Electrical Engineering, Project Management and Training services for the delivery of manufacturing systems for the world’s largest Food, Beverage, Consumer Products and Pharmaceutical companies.  More information can be found at or by calling the office in Duluth, Georgia:  (678) 323-2999.


About E2M

E2M, a Haskell Company, is a manufacturing system integration firm based in Georgia, and applies project management and engineering expertise with many of the world’s largest Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical, and Consumer Products companies.  Founded in 1985, the firm serves numerous clients in the Fortune 500 group of companies.  To learn more about E2M, visit or call (678) 328-2888. 



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