Old men drive pick up trucks
Pawl Bearing posted on December 09, 2009 | 7223 views
Remember the days when Buick cornered the geriatric market? Well, they lost much of that market share. As Buick drivers kicked the bucket, the oldies filling those gaps came in with a new fashion: the pick-up truck. Commuter pick-up trucks are stupendous tools to drive your wife to get her hair permed or to take a sack of leaves to the leaf-depot. They're also wonderful to reminisce about your younger days when you'd haul 3 chords of logs to burn all winter in your woodstove. Deep inside you know that the retirement home takes care of all that for you, but you never know, do ya? Who knows when the next black out will happen?

So here's the idea of the week: a multistory truck running board with large ergonomic up-down buttons. Compatible with most major brands of walkers.

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