Green buildings in Las Vegas
John Hayes posted on January 27, 2009 | 5831 views
I was at the International Home Builders Show in Las Vegas last week, learning about new construction products. The theme of the show was green building, and there are endless green products here.

There are also some companies trying to catch the wave with their existing products. Their greener competitors call this practice "greenwashing".

Some of my favorite conversations were with the founders of some of the smaller companies. Neal Ganser from Corbond explained to me how fibreglass R values deteriorate rapidly in wind or extremely hot or cold temperatures. He then went on to explain building processes and products that can address the problem. 

Robin Pelfrey's Greenswitch has introduced a central switch that can turn off all the plugs in your house from a central location. This allows you to reduce the draw of a tv or video game console overnight when it isn't in use. Small and economical, these units can pay for themselves in a year if they work as advertised.

There were lots of other fascinating technologies and applications at the show. You will be hearing more from us about this in the coming weeks.

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