Brazil Insists on Environmental Considerations in Certification of Batteries and Cells
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Brazil Passes Tough New Law Impacting Manufacturers


An INMETRO accredited laboratory will now run yearly analyses of batteries and cells, with the National Institute for Metrology and Standardization to set maximum limits for lead, cadmium and mercury. Portable batteries, including zinc-carbon, alkaline manganese, acid lead, as well as automotive and industrial batteries as well as nickel-cadmium and mercury oxide electrochemical systems will all now be under environmental management, with obligatory adherence to regulatory standards. Challenges lie ahead for manufacturers.


Manufacturers Responsible for Battery Disposal


The CONAMA Settlement now assigns it the responsibility of retailers and outlets offering technical assistance to collect used batteries and cells from consumers, to forward on to manufacturers and importers. Within two years, all used batteries must be at the site of their devolution. In addition, from now on manufacturers and importers are deemed responsible in the final instance for environmental damage caused by the improper disposal of batteries. Manufacturers and importers are therefore now obliged to provide means of disposal for cells and batteries after consumption and final use.


New Legal Obligations for Manufacturers and Importers


In order to comply with the settlement, manufacturers and importers will have to apply to the Federal Technical Registration of Potentially Polluting Activities or Using Environmental Resources. Manufacturers and importers will also have to present physio-chemical analyses of their cells and batteries to IBAMA on an annual basis and in addition, within twelve months, manufacturers and importers must submit a management plan for used batteries to the State Environmental Agency.


SGS Expertise and Experience in Brazil


SGS has the expertise and capabilities to provide certification solutions for manufacturers and importers and SGS Laboratories can both disassemble and analyze all batteries available for commercial use in Brazil. SGS Laboratories would then present a report to the manufacturer or importer, expressing the quantity of each element present in the battery in relation to its total weight, allowing the manufacturer or importer to ensure conformity of their product to the new CONAMA Settlement. Its extensive experience and its wealth of local knowledge ensures that SGS remains completely informed of codes, standards, regulations and legal obligations.


SGS Consumer Testing Services


SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company with 59,000 employees and 1,000 offices worldwide. The SGS Consumer Testing Services (CTS) is one of the biggest divisions of the group. SGS CTS ensures the quality, compliance and product safety of every kind of consumer products, from textiles, appliances, electronics and furniture to food and automotive.


SGS Electrical and Electronics


SGS Electrical and Electronics (E&E) identifies the applicable regulations and standards for electrical and electronic products and target markets. SGS Electrical and Electronic can help reduce risk, improve efficiency and ensure compliance to contractual or regulatory requirements in all electrical and electronic manufacturing, sourcing, distribution and retailing operations. Our locally available knowledge serves every consumer industry, including household appliances, IT&T, machinery, medical equipment, LED, and solar devices.


SGS Consumer Testing Services

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