Entries for August 2016

How to Teach BIM Using Minecraft
Members of the Northern Ireland BIM Steering Group have built a BIM Minecraft mod. Let’s check it ou...
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Keeping Organized: How Cloud Storage Can Help BIM
New release of Newforma Project Center promises to keep things sorted in the AEC industry using clou...
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The Evolution of Modern Tunnel Construction
Explore innovative construction methods used to develop modern tunnels in this infographic.
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Is Design Too Important to Leave to CAD?
CAD takes back seat to generative design, programming and data when big firms design big buildings.
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First Offshore Wind Farm Designed Using SACS Software
The foundations of the wind turbines should be able to withstand 100-year storms.
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Engineering the 2016 Rio Olympic Games
It’s not easy to plan for an event as big as the Summer Olympics. How does civil engineering play a ...
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