Entries for July 2017

Modern Matchmaking: Uniting Tech and Construction
Israeli SOSA offers offices, opportunity and access for construction tech startups.
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A Little Help Here? AI Comes to the Rescue of Video-Overloaded Construction Projects
Smartvid.io scans videos to find objects and detect problems at construction sites.
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SCIA Engineer 17 Aims for Code-Compliant Productivity Gains
ENGINEERING.com provides a review of SCIA Engineer 17.
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It’s the End of BIM as You Know It—Are You Ready for Connected BIM?
It’s oddly fitting that sensors, some of the cheapest technologies on the market, are poised to comp...
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Improving Collaboration on BIM Models Using Cloud-based Platforms
Autodesk’s Collaboration for Revit and BIM 360 Team use cloud computing to drive cooperation between...
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