Lucid Unveils New BuildingOS Facilities
Emily Pollock posted on May 09, 2018 |
Lucid’s new BuildingOS Facilities software lets owners track inefficiencies, true costs (Photo courtesy of Lucid Design Group, Inc.)
Lucid’s new BuildingOS Facilities software lets owners track inefficiencies, true costs (Photo courtesy of Lucid Design Group, Inc.)

Lucid Design Group, Inc., famous for its BuildingOS platform for centralizing and analyzing building data, recently announced its new BuildingOS Facilities. The new platform lets owners integrate asset and work order data with data on costs and real-time systems use, which Lucid says will help lower operating costs and increase occupant satisfaction.

Lucid works with commercial building owners and companies to help them understand and act on their performance and operation data. The company’s current BuildingOS, which lets owners integrate metering and systems data across properties, has been adopted by over 500 customers and implemented in over 15,000 buildings. BuildingOS Facilities goes a step further, bringing metering and systems data together with building asset and work order information. According to Lucid, bringing these different streams of data together makes the combined dataset more valuable than the sum of its parts, allowing owners to track operations trends, understand the actual cost of properties and assets and make better decisions about their operating strategies and resource procurement. According to CEO Will Coleman, the goal is “connecting the dots between consumption, system performance, maintenance and assets.”

And, according to Lucid, the industry is hungry for that kind of data integration. “We have worked with hundreds of clients to centralize building operations data,” a Lucid spokesperson said in an announcement on the subject. “Their biggest frustration is the inability to integrate all of their operations data in a single unified view and find useful insights. Building operators and owners are consistently looking for a complete picture of the true cost of ownership for a system or building, optimal timing to repair or replace equipment and insights into how maintenance and operations impact performance.”

Ultimately, Lucid hopes that its new product will help its customers learn more about how their properties are running and how to improve them. In the company’s new release, Coleman said that the new system “will unlock critical insights that our customers need to effectively operate their buildings, plan and invest.” He continued, “With BuildingOS, operators now have complete visibility across every aspect of building portfolio operations—from energy and resource use to asset maintenance—helping deliver the performance and experience users need and want.”

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