Tekla 2018 Packages Released for Structural Engineering
Michael Molitch-Hou posted on April 02, 2018 | | 2137 views

Trimble has released the latest versions of its software for structural engineering, fabrication and construction: Tekla Structures 2018, Tekla Structural Designer 2018 and Tekla Tedds 2018.The software is meant to improve control and documentation of building information modeling (BIM) associated with steel and concrete construction.

Tekla Structures 2018 has been updated for greater speed and efficiency. (Image courtesy of Trimble.)
Tekla Structures 2018 has been updated for greater speed and efficiency. (Image courtesy of Trimble.)

The latest version of the BIM modeling software, Tekla Structures,is designed to be faster and more precise and offer greater control. The software is also meant to be more efficient in terms of workflow. Tekla Structures 2018 now supports point clouds, making it possible to create designs that fit with existing structures. Other updates include quicker drawing “with less effort,” according to the company. The workflow from design to analysis is also meant to be smoother.

Tekla Structural Designer 2018 has been developed in such a way as to provide greater productivity. In the design of nonlinear concrete slabs, for instance, loading simulations are automated. The analysis of concrete and steel has also been improved to speed up the design process. Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish Eurocodes have been added as well.

There are new calculations in TeklaTedds 2018 for automating repetitive structural calculations. They are also meant to improve productivity. A library of code-compliant calculations is made visible to make for easy review and validation.

Additionally, Trimble has launched the Tekla Developer Center for Tekla Open API information, making it possible for developers to create apps for Tekla software.

To learn more about the new software, visit the product website.

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