Bentley Pours Foundation for India Expansion with Acquisition of Concrete Specialist
Michael Molitch-Hou posted on January 24, 2018 |
Mumbai based S-Cube Futuretech comes with Indian design codes, local domain knowledge.

Bentley Systems rounded off last year with its largest Year in Infrastructure (YII) event yet, highlighting a revenue of over $600 million. This year, we’re already seeing what the infrastructure engineering firm is doing with those dollars. Bentley announced the acquisition of Indian software developer S-Cube Futuretech

S-Cube Futuretech has developed numerous tools for the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) space, specifically with a niche focus on concrete. Three of the company’s products—RCDC, RCDC FE and RCDC Plan—focus on one aspect of engineering for concrete buildings.

S-Cube’s RCDC FE tool models reinforced concrete objects, analyzing them with finite elements. (Image courtesy of S-Cube Futuretech.)
S-Cube’s RCDC FE tool models reinforced concrete objects, analyzing them with finite elements. (Image courtesy of S-Cube Futuretech.)
RCDC links analysis to design and detailing, estimation, reporting and drawing. RCDC FE performs design, detailing and drawing for concrete elements that have been analyzed with finite element analysis (FEA). RCDC Plan relies on automation features for structural planning and modeling. S-Cube Futuretech also developed Steel Auto drafter, which generates design drawings based on analysis models of steel structures. 

Now that Bentley Systems has purchased the company, these products will become a part of Bentley’s structural analysis and design portfolio. S-Cube’s team also merged with Bentley’s India office. The deal makes it possible for Bentley to provide a complete solution for structural design of buildings to Indian standards, as S-Cubes software works with STAAD and RAM structural analysis and design tools. The amount of the deal was not disclosed. 

Western expansion into India has been booming since the election of Narendra Modi as prime minister, viewed by some as corporate friendly. At YII last year, the firm announced that it will be expanding its India operations, including the establishment of BIM Academies throughout the country. Its first is at the Nagpur Metro through a partnership with Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation. 

For Bentley, the purchase may be just another small drop in the bucket for a company with an extensive set of structural analysis and design tools, but it does strengthen its position in India, where it previously hosted 400 employees.Fellow BIM companies, like Nemetschek Group and Autodesk, also have been expanding their presence in the India market.

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