Autodesk Adds Slew of New Features to InfraWorks 2018
Marc Howe posted on August 27, 2017 | | 3578 views

One core new capability is linear feature extraction, which enhances the design potential of point clouds by employing them as the basis for key embellishments.

Users can now create important design items such as breaklines and paint stripes by first extracting linear features from point clouds.

The Automatic option further enhances the usability of the linear feature extraction by finding and tracing a line in 3D once users select just two of the points situated in the point cloud.

In addition to automating the delineation of linear features contained within the point cloud, the latest upgrade of InfraWorks also provides new tools for the creation and modification of design items based on these linear features, such as breaklines.

Users can now extract linear features from point clouds in the latest upgrade of Infraworks. (Image courtesy of Youtube.)
Users can now extract linear features from point clouds in the latest upgrade of InfraWorks. (Image courtesy of Youtube.) 

These tools include a cross-section view of linear features, as well as the ability to export linear features, vertical features and the ground grid into Autodesk’s Civil 3D, where designers and engineers can obtain a more accurate sense of the real-world conditions that underlie a project.

Autodesk has also upgraded the roadwork quantification capability in InfraWorks, enabling users to perform assessments with greater ease at a larger scale as well as conduct more precise, small-scale calculations.

Users can now select multiple roads at once in order to calculate the earthwork and material quantities needed for all of them simultaneously.

They can also calculate the earthwork and material quantities for a smaller, more specific area, such as an easement or right of way, simply by selecting a particular station range.

In addition to improving the key quantification feature, options for the labels function have also been expanded.

Designers and engineers can now use Views to control whether or not labels make an automatic appearance within a given View, giving them the ability to toggle their appearance depending on whether the View of the project is conceptual or engineering.

InfraWorks now provides greater clarity when it comes to the labelling of stations along the road and it automates the labeling of bridge dimensions following the selection of bridges or their constituent components.

When it comes to the design and embellishment of bridge rails, barriers and other features, users can create parametric models themselves in Inventor to employ as road design components, accessing a near endless range of design permutations.

Lastly, the new Parts Editor also gives users the ability to create customised parts based on existing out-of-the box components, and export them via the complimentary Inventor plug-in.

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