General Electric Opens Additive Manufacturing Center in Pittsburgh
Ian Wright posted on April 11, 2016 |
New GE Center for Additive Technology Advancement to create 50 new engineering jobs.
A 3D-printed fuel nozzle for GE's LEAP 1-A engine. (Image courtesy of GE Reports.)
A 3D-printed fuel nozzle for GE's LEAP 1-A engine. (Image courtesy of GE Reports.)
General Electric’s (GE) Center for Additive Technology Advancement (CATA) will act as the company’s new flagship research facility for developing and implementing industrial applications for additive manufacturing (AM).

The new center will create 50 new engineering jobs in disciplines ranging from mechanical and electrical to systems and software.

A New Center for Advanced Manufacturing

GE invested USD$39 million over three years to build the facility. Its announcement coincides with a newly-launched white paper entitled The Future Workforce: Advanced Manufacturing’s Impact on the Economy.

According to the paper, advanced manufacturing accounts for 13 percent of US jobs and contributes USD$3.1 trillion to GDP.

Following GE’s Brilliant Factory concept, the new Pittsburgh facility will combine lean manufacturing with software analytics to improve the capabilities and usage of AM as well as advancing materials science and inspection technologies.

CATA is described by the company as a multimodal facility that will contribute to GE’s businesses in the aviation, transportation, power and oil and gas sectors.

Additive Manufacturing in Pennsylvania

The new facility is also a welcome investment for the state of Pennsylvania. “With Pittsburgh’s developing tech sector, Pennsylvania is the perfect home for GE’s Additive Manufacturing Center,” said Governor Tom Wolf.

“This additive manufacturing facility will create 50 important jobs for Pennsylvania, tapping into our highly trained workforce and existing pool of high-tech savvy talent,” said Congressman Tim Murphy (R-PA).

For more information, check out GE’s white paper on advanced manufacturing.

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