Cloud-Based ERP System Helps Manufacturer Boost Bottom Line
James Anderton posted on April 02, 2015 |
Epec wins award for lean, agile process modernization with NetSuite system
 Epec Engineered Technologies builds a wide variety of electronic products, from battery packs to flexible printed circuit boards, for civilian and military applications. The company that serves more than 5,000 customers around the world has now been handed a leadership award by the Manufacturing Leadership Council.

The Innovation Process Leadership award recognizes Epec's business transformation; the company integrated cloud-based ERP technology that has enabled lean, agile manufacturing and supply chain execution, while improving business efficiency and scalability for global growth.

"We're incredibly honored to be recognized with a prestigious Manufacturing Leadership Award," said Epec CEO Ed McMahon. "Our success illustrates what manufacturers can accomplish by embedding lean and innovative practices across the organization. NetSuite has been a huge part of that for us—NetSuite gives us an advantage over our competitors who still do things the old way with spreadsheets and disparate applications."

24/7 control over workflow on three continents

Epec's transformation got underway in 2007, when the company replaced an outdated, inflexible on-site ERP application with a Cloud-based business management system from NetSuite. With NetSuite, Epec implemented an end-to-end design, manufacturing and business platform for production of custom battery packs, flex and rigid-flex circuits, user interface products, electronic fans and motors, cable assemblies and printed circuit boards.

As a cloud application, NetSuite gives Epec personnel around-the-clock access to design and production workflows at its Massachusetts headquarters and its facilities around the world. Epec has augmented its NetSuite-based manufacturing environment with Autodesk PLM 360, a cloud product lifecycle management (PLM) solution from NetSuite partner Autodesk to streamline and control complex build-to-order work.

Epec also uses an online configure-price-quote (CPQ) engine from NetSuite partner Selectica, allowing customers to configure build-to-print circuit boards over Epec's ecommerce website, InstantPCBQuote. This reduces lag time and manual steps for both Epec and its customers, while providing a complete record of specifications and transactions.

Since implementing NetSuite in 2007, Epec's revenue has increased 233 percent. The cloud ERP solution has also been instrumental in enabling Epec to rapidly assimilate seven acquired companies.

Significant ROI and faster reporting

The company has saved four full-time personnel previously required at partner facilities in China while netting return on investment (ROI) of more than $500,000 from cloud technology since 2007.

Reporting that took weeks is now accomplished in a matter of minutes, while sales personnel have doubled daily sales quote volume without additional staff. Building on its success, Epec in December 2014 added 4,000 square feet of new manufacturing space to its Massachusetts headquarters, bringing the facility to 24,000 square feet.

"The Manufacturing Leadership Awards Judges were very impressed with how Epec Engineered Technologies aggressively adopted new technologies to transform operations for better efficiency and innovation," said Jeff Moad, research director and executive editor at Frost & Sullivan's Manufacturing Leadership Council. "With considerable help from NetSuite, Epec has been able to focus on customer-centric execution that's driving growth."

Manufacturing Leadership Awards

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