S1.E5 Manufacturing the Future: What Will it Take to Get Widespread Robotics into American SMEs?
James Anderton posted on November 04, 2020 |
A new generation of affordable machines may change the equation for US manufacuring SMEs.

James Anderton is Multimedia Director of Content for engineering.com and former editor of trade publications in the automotive, metalworking and plastics industries with contributions to a wide range of print and on-line publications. He also brings prior industry experience in quality and manufacturing for a Tier One automotive supplier.

Industrial automation was pioneered by big industrial corporations like General Motors and Volkswagen, but there is a new wave of robots available today. Collaborative, affordable, maintainable and easy to program, this new generation promises to bring big company productivity to small and medium-sized manufacturers everywhere. Universal Robots expert Joe Campbell weighs in on how this new technology can be implemented, and how smaller manufacturers can prepare for a bright future.

Download the interactive application risk scorecard and the savings calculation worksheet from Universal Robots.

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