Curbell Plastics Supports Partners During COVID-19 Pandemic
Staff posted on June 04, 2020 |
Supplying machined parts. application assistance and more to critical industries combating COVID-19.

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Curbell Plastics, Inc., a large suppliers of plastic sheet, rod, tube, tapes, and fabricated parts, is open and providing materials and solutions as an essential business partner to critical industries responding to COVID-19.

Curbell Plastics is committed to supporting partnerships with manufacturing customers by supplying the material and application assistance they need to fulfill the increased demand for products and equipment during this crisis. Manufacturers who fabricate personal protective equipment, medical devices, and physical partitions are operating at full capacity to provide the physical protective measures to keep essential workers safe.

(Image courtesy of Curbell Plastics.)
(Image courtesy of Curbell Plastics.)

Over a matter of a few short days in mid-March, manufacturers needed material solutions for transparent partition barriers for grocery stores, pharmacies, convenience stores, clinics, and hospitals to protect employees, customers, and patients. Curbell Plastics has been quick to lend their material expertise and strong inventory supply to provide acrylic and polycarbonate materials to manufacturers to fulfill the market demand for cashier shields, walk up windows, and more. Curbell’s nationwide locations and custom cutting abilities have helped manufacturers reduce their labor costs and fulfill high priority orders quickly.

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As a key player in the plastics supply chain, Curbell is able to supply medical manufacturers the plastic materials needed by hospitals and temporary care facilities to protect medical professionals and patients. Acrylic, PETG, and polycarbonate sheet are being used for windows, glove boxes, intubation covers, and safety shields, while face shields are being manufactured from clear thin gauge sheet and film materials. KYDEX sheet resists harsh disinfectants and bacteriological growth making it ideal for medical furniture and equipment housings. Expanded PVC is being used to create hospital room wall partitions and medical workstations, and HDPE sheet for hospital bed components.

Food and paper product manufacturers have also been taxed by the pandemic. Production lines are running at increased capacity to fulfill public demand for packaged/processed foods, paper towels, toilet paper, and other necessary items. Curbell Plastics is working closely with these partners to ensure that materials needed for replacement parts such as UHMW, polycarbonate, HDPE, acetal, and nylon are readily available to keep machines up and running.

“As a leader in our industry, we are quickly responding to the needs of our customers who are supporting businesses and individuals on the front line.” Curbell Plastics president Gerry Helbig said, “Our company is well positioned to lend expertise and provide inventory to businesses that make equipment, and manufacturers who are shifting production to help meet the demand needed to fight this pandemic.”

(Image courtesy of Curbell Plastics.)
(stock photo)

As the pandemic continues, businesses are faced with the challenges surrounding reopening and how to keep their employees safe. Curbell is being asked about and supplying material solutions for a wide variety of personal barrier protection applications for offices with open plans, cafeterias, manufacturing plants, and retail spaces. In addition, they are supplying performance plastics that are being used to manufacture parts for disinfectant sprayers, ventilators, and analytical test equipment.

For industries experiencing increased demand and production challenges, Curbell Plastics is ready to assist with material and application expertise and solutions via our Ask a Plastics Expert form.

Curbell Plastics has not only remained open during the pandemic supporting their partners but is actively hiring. While the company readily complied with #stayathome, they have continued to fill open positions and are onboarding new hires remotely with notable success. Curbell’s industry leading training program is structured in such a way that it continues to operate seamlessly in this temporary remote scenario. The training is supplemented virtually by regular one on one meetings, team meetings, and live group training sessions. Their existing processes have enabled the company to continue to hire across the country and onboard successfully during these uncertain times. Curbell Plastics continues to review applicants and hold phone and virtual interviews. Currently there are several open positions at their various locations. 

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