ABB Prepares to Help Customers Restart After COVID-19
Chris Fox posted on June 03, 2020 |
Machines coming back online may need extra attention.
 (Image courtesy of ABB.)
(Image courtesy of ABB.)

Whether directly or indirectly, COVID-19 has affected every one of us. This is especially true if you are running a business in the manufacturing space.

One of the biggest challenges for manufacturers will likely be starting things back up as the economy begins to churn again. That’s why ABB has developed a support offering through its Robotics and Discrete Automation division to help businesses restart their production lines properly.

Being shut down can bring maintenance challenges to light, but what’s more risky is restarting that production line without considering how downtime may have impacted the machines. ABB has launched a digital package with virtual and field service support initiatives.

Of course, ABB is able to help customers troubleshoot challenges, but the company also said that these tools can help optimize processes and help customers become more proactive in maintenance procedures.

Virtual Robot Servicing

ABB’s remote service offering, known as ABB Ability Connected Services, gives customers the ability to securely integrate and aggregate their data and apply predictive analytics. This allows them to improve efficiency and get a better feel for what is actually happening on the factory floor. ABB Ability Connected Services keeps an eye on more than 9,000 robots in more than 1,000 factories around the world.

Prepped with Spares

As production floors begin to start up, other wayward maintenance issues may come to light, like worn parts or broken components. ABB has prepared for the anticipated need for new parts with a virtual consultation service. Through this service, users can get help identifying where support might be needed, what might need replacement, and when field service might be necessary. If customers are firing up their businesses again, it’s certain that they won’t want to wait for parts to be in stock if issues arise. That’s why ABB has buffed up [MG1] its parts inventory, so customers can get up and running quicker.

“As manufacturing and production begins to ramp up, we want to ensure the restart is as smooth and efficient as possible. In addition to virtual training, field service teams and spare parts, we can help customers remotely monitor, troubleshoot and optimize entire robot fleets via ABB Ability Connected Services,” stated Sami Atiya, president of ABB’s Robotics and Discrete Automation business. “Our digital solutions and tools can help to ensure maximum performance and avoid unplanned downtime during this critical period for the world economy.”

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