Comau, Exechon Join Forces to Create New Machining Center
Jeffrey Heimgartner posted on March 24, 2020 |
Comau and Exechon partner to develop a machining center focused on lightweight framing.

In the age of innovation, joining forces can often lead to pushing the boundaries and entering the next realm of what can be possible. Comau, a leader in industrial automation, and Exechon, a technology company transforming manufacturing processes, have combined forces to do just that. The collaboration will result in a Comau machining center designed for lightweight framing and structural components, primarily for the automotive, aerospace, and electrification sectors.

“The importance of this project extends through to Comau’s ability to offer 360-degree service connected to electrification with new lightweight machining centers as a central link,” said Luca Ferrero, Comau, chief operations officer. “Coupling a lightweight approach in machining with our body assembly competencies and battery assembly know-how, we can now complete the value chain and deliver advanced solutions for battery case machining and more.”

From left, Comau COO Luca Ferrero and Exechon CEO Karl-Erik Neumann recently announced a partnership to create a new machining paradigm to benefit aerospace, automotive, and electrification sectors. (Image courtesy of Comau.)

The collaboration aims to transform machining to better handle large aluminum parts, providing customers more cost-effective solutions. The effort to increase the use of lightweight components has multiple benefits across industries, including a reduction of CO2 emissions and fuel consumption and enhancing production complexity. For the electric vehicle (EV) market, a lightweight vehicle body is becoming essential as the technology evolves. 

The two companies bring significant experience and technology to the table. Comau is globally known for its array of flexible and configurable modular products, as well as a range of services and other solutions including its own automotive hemming process and robotic exoskeleton. The company’s industrial automation and integration experience will be key to the new partnership in regards to ensuring the right fit for each new project.

Exechon—a joint venture between Lockheed Martin, Tecgrant AB (formerly Exechon AB), a Sweden-based technology company and Abu Dhabi-based Injaz National—provides advanced Parallel Kinematic Machine technologies, including its XMini, the first carbon fiber machine tool robot. Its role in the collaboration will be to develop the new machine’s core.

Excechon’s XMini, a carbon fiber machine tool robot, will likely play a key role in the new Comau and Exechon partnership. (Image courtesy of Exechon.)

“It has been an amazing year, as Comau and Exechon have jointly engaged in the extremely fast transition from conventional cars and planes to electrical and lightweight design,” said Karl-Erik Neumann, Exechon chief executive officer. “We’ve shown how combining our XMini machine with the automation skills of Comau and its people can change a manufacturing paradigm. We believe in the future, and we believe in a future with Comau.” 

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