Coval Releases New Line of Carbon Vacuum Grippers
Jeffrey Heimgartner posted on September 19, 2019 |

As more industries are seeing the benefits of using collaborative robots, cobots, the challenge often comes down to finding the best tools to use with them. Coval, a leader in vacuum automation technology, has released a new alternative for industries with its CVGC series of carbon vacuum grippers.

According to the Robotic Industries Association, the growth of cobots is expected to grow by 34% by 2025. The key benefits for many are decreased cycle times, faster time to market, reduced injuries, increased volume and eliminating dangerous or monotonous jobs. Depending on the work being done and need, the right gripper can make all the difference.

Coval’s new line of end-of-arm tools aims to provide new options for a range of uses to further enhance operations while ensuring the safety of nearby workers and operators. It also was designed to be versatile and easy to set up, as well as can be used with heavy-duty robots or special machinery.

Coval has introduced a new line of carbon vacuum grippers, CVGC, which is lightweight and easy assemble or disassemble.
Coval has introduced a new line of carbon vacuum grippers, CVGC, which is lightweight and easy assemble or disassemble.

Constructed with carbon fiber, these lightweight grippers—the smallest of which weighs .85kg while the largest is 1.3kg—are designed to reduce weight stress on cobots. They feature flexible peripheral foam to provide operator and part protection.

Touted as an ideal option for packaging, food, plastics industries and more, these compact grippers feature a function block the includes the vacuum generator, control cartridge, vacuum switch and silencer. Additional parts on the function block include:

  • 8mm compressed air inlet
  • Solenoid valve for vacuum control with LED indicator
  • Connector or wire input
  • Mounting interface

There are three standard foam gripping interfaces formats: 150 x 150mm, 240 x 120mm and 320 x 160mm. These allow for precise handling of materials including corrugate, packaging, plastics, metal, glass, composite and wood.

Whether an industrial site has cobots or are deciding what options are best, ease of use is a key factor. With that in mind, Coval designed the CVGC series to be fully integrated, plug-and-play, and able to be assembled or disassembled without tools, maximizing cobot usage.

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