Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence Division to Erect New Canadian Headquarters
Denrie Caila Perez posted on August 07, 2019 |

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence Division announced that it is erecting its new Canadian headquarters. The 15,000-square-foot facility will be located in the Great Toronto Area (Oakville, Ontario).

“We are excited to announce our new headquarters in Canada, which solidifies our strong commitment to Canadian manufacturers from coast to coast,” stated Michael Gallagher, president and CEO of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Canada Limited. “We will offer world-class support for our design and engineering, production and metrology product portfolios, including FTI, PC-DMIS, EDGECAM and Simufact. We will also continue to offer expert-level support and training courses for a variety of in-demand technologies, such as scanning and integrated solutions for the Smart Factory, along with FTI’s industry standard stamping courses. We have also incorporated a large showroom to feature metrology scanners as well as an Autonomous Driving Simulation workstation.”

The Ontario headquarters will be the newest addition to Hexagon’s Center of Excellence. Manufacturing Intelligence businesses located in eastern Canada will be consolidated into the new facility. This includes the company’s Forming Technologies divisions— development, sales, engineering, MSC Software, and production software and metrology solutions portfolio teams.

Hexagon stressed how the office design is intended to promote an environment that fosters teamwork, problem-solving and productivity throughout the organization. According to the company, the facility’s floor plan was designed with both employee experience and contemporary elements in mind. Common open spaces, huddle areas and employee amenities such as a kitchen, pantry and games area will be incorporated into the space.

The new facility will feature 18-footceilings, with glass walls and windows, and a design in keeping with Hexagon’s signature style themes, colors and company design elements.

The headquarters will also house a state-of-the-art training center, meeting rooms, and offices for various teams in product development, quality assurance, sales, engineering, customer support and administration. A product showroom will also be installed to showcase Hexagon’s innovation metrology and manufacturing technologies.

According to Hexagon, its new Canada headquarters will allow the company to better serve its Canadian market while simultaneously expanding into new markets. Hexagon expects to attract more talent from the Toronto area, which comprises 40 percent of Canada’s business headquarters and is considered to be the second largest financial center in North America.

Hexagon also opened a regional office back in 2018 called the Hexagon Calgary Campus in Calgary, Alberta, which serves as the head office for Hexagon’s divisions in western Canada.

Interiors for the Ontario facility are currently under construction and will house up to 100 employees.

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