Next Step in Continuous Improvement: Real-Time Data
Kelsea Franzke posted on July 08, 2019 |

What’s the benefit of big data in manufacturing? According to Honeywell, IIoT data collection is simply the next tool in the toolbox for industrial companies in the pursuit of performance improvement. The first thing a company usually does to be more productive is to implement lean principles to eliminate waste and streamline production. But this only takes you so far. The next step is to bring in automation to make processes more efficient. But where do you go from there?

Collecting real-time data on equipment and processes enables better control and analysis. A useful analogy is the camera: by opening the aperture, more light enters and the sensor can create a better image of what is going on.

Image courtesy of Honeywell
Image courtesy of Honeywell

A new enterprise performance management software from Honeywell is designed to provide instant insights from real-time benchmarking to help make stronger decisions impacting equipment performance, reliability, safety and profitability.

The new software for operational technology, Honeywell Forge for Industrial, assists industrial manufacturers in reaching higher levels of operational performance. The software collects and uses information from a manufacturer’s industrial operations, analyzes it to determine optimal performance, and then augments it with predictive analytics to identify opportunities for improvement. Recommendations are then provided in real-time, closing the time-gap between product analysis and improvement.

Honeywell Forge for Industrial will address the importance of deriving more comprehensive insight from large amounts of data; a growing requirement in industrial manufacture production processes, according to Mark Sen Gupta, research director for ARC Advisory Group.

“As industrial manufacturers are needing to process increasingly larger amounts of data from different sources in their production process, being able to derive meaningful insight becomes more and more important to individual contributors and plant leadership to quickly adapt to the changing market, make more timely and accurate decisions, and optimize profitability,” Gupta said.

Honeywell Forge for Industrial uses a Software-as-a-Service offering to provide top-to-bottom visibility into how a business’s operations are performing across the enterprise. Its purpose in this new software is to allow companies to overcome hurdles resulting from aging equipment, technology churn and a shift in workforce demographics.

To learn more about how IIoT is being used in factories, check out The 3 Stages of Machine Learning in IoT-Enabled Asset Optimization.

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