Total Information Management: How One Manufacturer Links Front Office to Shop Floor with Single Software Solution
James Anderton posted on June 06, 2019 |
Manufacturing is about making things. And to make things profitably, it’s about controlling multiple flows of raw materials, parts, assemblies, and services to build value added products that your customers need. That’s hard. But running parallel to those flows of physical inputs, there’s and information stream that represents the virtual part of manufacturing. Machine code, part renderings, instruction sets, quality and process control data, they all travel down the same path to profitability as metals, plastics, production equipment, labor and all the other things that make the products you ship. How can you control the cost of that data stream? I visited a successful New England based manufacturer in the life safety industry, Space Age Electronics, and learned how they use Adept’s Synergis platform to make data flow as efficiently as hardware in their operations. 

Jim Anderton spoke with Ryan Mongeau, Director of Technology at Space Age. Take a look.

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