Robotic End Effectors Simplify Pneumatic Gripping and Robotic Sanding Applications
James Anderton posted on April 24, 2019 |
Automate 2019 - Robotiq has announced new products for finishing and suction cup gripping.

Canadian robot accessories company Robotiq began with a three-fingered gripper, then expanded their product line with other rigid gripper products as well as wrist accessories such as a camera and force/torque sensor. Grippers are a common tool for material handling robots, but many robotic applications require specific tooling, such as a paint sprayer, welding gun or machining spindle, for example.

At Automate 2019, Robotiq announced new entries to their product offering, including two suction cup gripper tools. ePick is a suction gripper that uses electric power from the wrist of the robot to power the suction cup, eliminating the need for an external air line. AirPick does need an air line but is modular and reconfigurable to suit different applications. Find out more about those tools here.

The company also demonstrated a rotary sanding and finishing tool which uses force sensing to apply constant pressure to the workpiece.

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