Greg Morris Joins PrinterPrezz’s Board of Advisors
Jeffrey Heimgartner posted on April 10, 2019 |
3D-printing pioneer and TCT Hall of Fame inductee Greg Morris lending knowledge and expertise as a n...

From medical implants to smart capsules, the use of 3D printing in the medical arena continues to grow. PrinterPrezz—a company focused on the creation of advanced medical devices using metal 3D printing, nano and semiconductor technologies—aims to take the industry to a new level with the assistance of Greg Morris, a pioneer in additive manufacturing (AM). He was recently named to the company’s advisory board.

Greg Morris, a pioneer in additive manufacturing, recently joined PrinterPrezz’s board of advisors. (Image courtesy of GE Additive.)
Greg Morris, a pioneer in additive manufacturing, recently joined PrinterPrezz’s board of advisors. (Image courtesy of GE Additive.)

“We’re thrilled to have Greg join our board of advisors to help PrinterPrezz revolutionize the medical 3D printing industry,” said Shri Shetty, PrinterPrezz CEO. “We’re at an inflection point, where additive manufacturing has the potential to transform modern medicine and surgery, creating new options and improved clinical outcomes for doctors and patients. Greg’s experience in the application of transformative technologies and deep roots in 3D printing, including medical applications, will be invaluable to the continued expansion and growth of PrinterPrezz.”

Morris, along with two partners, established Morris Technologies in 1994. It evolved into a leading provider of AM services. The company, which was purchased by GE Aviation in 2012 and later formed into GE Additive, introduced the first additive metal sintering 3D printer to North America. He and his company worked to drive the use of these technologies in an array of industries including aerospace and automotive.

“Medical is the next frontier for additive manufacturing,” Morris said. “Like the aerospace and automotive industries before, the medical landscape is the next logical step for additive to make a profound—life-changing, in fact—difference for both healthcare providers and patients. PrinterPrezz is at the intersection of manufacturing and medical, and I’m excited to contribute to a company that’s focused on making a difference.”

Morris stayed on with GE, including as an ambassador for 3D printing and as part of a team promoting the use of additive metal for gas turbine engine parts design and production metal, before retiring in 2018. He was recognized for his contributions to metal AM and 3D printing as an inductee to the TCT Hall of Fame.

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