LPT: Controls and Drives – Hitachi Composite Cables, Sigmatek DC Motor Module& More
Vincent Charbonneau posted on April 04, 2019 |
New products from CONTA-CLIP, Digi International, Hitachi, Schneider Electric and Sigmatek.

CONTA-CLIP TKS Transformer Terminal

TKS 16 transformer terminal. (Image courtesy of CONTA-CLIP.)
TKS 16 transformer terminal. (Image courtesy of CONTA-CLIP.)

CONTA-CLIP has added a transformer terminal for wire cross-sections up to 16 mm² to its TKS series. The terminals are used to adapt coil ends to screw connections to implement power supply of specific devices or machinery in a larger system. Their hinged cover elements open wide and can be fixed in place when opened to provide time-saving soldering of the coil ends.

For more information, visit CONTA-CLIP’s website.

Digi Intelligent Edge Computing Router

IX14 router. (Image courtesy of Digi International.)
IX14 router. (Image courtesy of Digi International.)

Digi International has introduced the IX14, a secure, industrial LTE router suited for utility, smart city and industrial control applications. Scripting and customizable business logic via Open Source Python 3.6 give the IX14 edge computing capabilities to execute operations at the device level, while Digi Remote Manager and Bluetooth capabilities allow for quick and secure installations.

In addition, both an Ethernet and serial port can link to a single essential IoT sensor or connect to a network of sensors in most locations, while dual SIM slots allow carrier flexibility and fail over for reduced downtime.

For more information, visit Digi’s website.

Hitachi Indoor/Outdoor Composite Cables

Power+ composite cables. (Image courtesy of Hitachi.)
Power+ composite cables. (Image courtesy of Hitachi.)

Hitachi has released its Power+ indoor/outdoor composite cables designed for applications where remote power and network connectivity are required, and where distance may be a factor. Power+ composite cables utilize fiber optic strands to provide the link to the network and a pair of stranded copper conductors to deliver power.

In addition, Power+ cables are available with a plenum rating (OFCP), which makes them suitable for a variety of industrial and other environments.

For more information, visit Hitachi’s website.

Schneider Electric Automation Library for Motion Control Components

Profinet Automation Library. (Image courtesy of Schneider Electric.)
Profinet Automation Library. (Image courtesy of Schneider Electric.)

Schneider Electric has launched its Automation Library for improved control of industrial devices and motion control components over Profinet networks. The library add-on instructions (AOI) enhance the capabilities of the company’s LexiumMDrive devices by providing executable code blocks to speed interface with Siemens PLCs.

The AOIs reduce communications overhead by decreasing the work of integrating LexiumMDrive motor and electronics products into new and existing PLC programs. Motion is controlled over networks with functions including: relative move, absolute move, jogging, homing, read inputs and write outputs.

For more information, visit Schneider Electric’s website.

Sigmatek DC Motor Module

SR 011 motor module. (Image courtesy of Sigmatek.)
SR 011 motor module. (Image courtesy of Sigmatek.)

Sigmatek has unveiled its SR 011 module for control and regulation of economic DC brush motors. This motor module has an integrated brake chopper, a switchable incremental encoder, two enable inputs and a digital output. Various operating modes are supported and regulation via feedback is also possible.

The DC motor module is designed for brush-operated direct current motors with a phase current of up to 5 A and 15 A peak current, 15-55 V supply voltage and a PWM or current regulator frequency of 32 kHz.

For more information, visit Sigmatek’s website.

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