ERP For Growers: Cultivation Management Software
Goran Radanovic posted on March 26, 2019 |

A new Cultivation Management System (CMS) will provide farmers and manufacturers with tracking capabilities to meet specific and changing requirements. ProcessPro, an ERP software solution company, announced that its new CMS would provide tracking capabilities from propagation to harvest. The new CMS that ProcessPro released will help manufacturers as well as seed-to-sale and farm-to-fork growers.

The company’s ERP platform powers the CMS solution. According to Joe Blauert, ProcessPro General Manager, “The Cultivation Management System allows our clients to integrate their growing operations with sales and manufacturing while maintaining traceability and compliance.”

The CMS enables users to track individual plants and plant growth stages, to facilitate quality control testing, as well as managing growing conditions and formulas to ensure true seed-to-sale and farm-to-fork capabilities. For cannabis grower operations, the system integrates state government approved regulatory software such as BIOTRACK THC, Metrc and Leaf Data Systems to ensure compliance reporting by providing the user with identifiers for each plant, which record costs, activity and quality tests. Manufacturers will benefit from the integrated system as it provides formulation and recipe management, inventory management, intelligent analytics and reporting, quality control and plant tracking. To find out more about the impact of software for manufacturers, read Small Manufacturers Want Software Automation but Are Uncertain How to Proceed.

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