Iowa State Research Park to Welcome New Research Lab
Richard Adefioye posted on March 12, 2019 |

While new technologies come with groundbreaking potential, they also come with a certain level of risk. This is probably why many manufacturing companies prefer to first try them out in a minimum-risk environment -- one of such locations is the Iowa state University (ISU) research park.

Reasearchers at ISU research facility (Source: ISU research park)
Reasearchers at ISU research facility (Source: ISU research park)

The Iowa State University (ISU) research park is a rapidly growing community existing mainly for the purpose of furthering advancement in science and research. And while it isn’t quite at the level of Silicon Valley, it does offer a decent amount of space and resources that companies can utilize for their scientific research endeavors. This is probably why over 80 manufacturing companies have already pitched their tent in this location.

Things are about to get even better for existing and potential Iowa manufacturers, though, as Alliant Energy partners with ISU’s Center for Industrial Research and Service (CIRAS) to open a new digital manufacturing lab at its research park. The digital manufacturing lab will be aimed at providing a cost-effective environment for manufacturers to try out emerging approaches and technologies such as robotics and automation. This is made possible by the $100,000 grant offered by Alliant Energy -- the single largest gift given to CIRAS (by a private organization) in its 55-year history.

The new lab will be opened in the research park this summer, according to CIRAS and Alliant energy will utilize the provided space to offer consultations to businesses to refine new approaches or technologies before it is introduced to the workplace. They will also be working with the the ISU students and faculty on internships and research opportunities.

For more information about this partnership, please check out the ISU research park website.

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